a leader in design thinking for empowered enterprise

through design thinking as the mechanism for change-making, we work to create a ground swell of impact with entities and communities that see themselves as
part of a wider grid-work of transformation
...with informed empathy and deepened insight as the glue.

We facilitate problem solving with a hands-on design thinking approach that....
▶︎ integrates systems change & design thinking to strategy, roll out & impact measurement;
▶︎ employs design thinking & action research to programme feasibility,campaign/project planning;
▶︎ integrates empathy as a skill for problem solving;
▶︎ curates spaces & events for public communication;
▶︎ mentors for leadership within an outcome-oriented frame;
▶︎ coaches for impact to combine media making and social change.​

...and to evolve and deepen insight to...
▶︎ craft entrepreneurship that creates meaningful profit for wider well-being.

SOME OF OUR LATEST VENTURES ...in collective enterprise

  • life*sustained ... a social enterprise connecting artisans and consumers directly.
  • reimagining civil society ... a collaborative design process.
  • bridge institute - ​impact assessment ... systems change designed collectively: measuring impact towards the UN sustainable development goals.
  • vimor handloom foundation ... designing & curating the 45 year 'arrival' of the foundation - its contribution and the unveiling of its emerging future.
  • good pitch karnataka ... constructing & curating a global initiative for social projects with media at the heart of change-making that culminated in a very successful pitching event.

...with collectives & communities

...with projects & campaigns

...with schools & professional education

with a focus on strategy and systems to orchestrate robust individual and collective purpose, presence, sustenance.

Our focus:​

level 1: build collective empathy & relevance

​evaluate and equip teams as self-organising units – with agility and cohesion of focusing on: ‘role’ - as a sense of self; ‘alignment’ – for team purpose; ‘impact’ – collective clarity on effectiveness.

level 2: plan for impact

​envisage and construct action & capacity with a view to making an impact; frame the impact you intend to create; paint your story of impact & purpose.

level 3: assess impact gauge and measure the shifts against the impact you intended to create (break down impact into bite sizes); track the story of impact; repeatedly revisit the pathway of impact.

level 4: active induction prepare and orient new members of the collective so that people identify with ‘the purpose’ assimilate ‘their role’ become part of the ‘common purpose’.

integrate media-making into change-making practice to knit impact collaborations to deepen public insight & transformation.

Our focus:

at the strategy level ...reimagine issue-based change through media-making.

approach …establish spaces for impact collaboration in socio-economic, environmental issues with media making.

framework …Involve communities to engage with their issues through media-making.

evolve insight ...among individuals, communities, organisations through making media-making an integrated and significant part of change-making.

to trigger stepped up public inquiry, reflection and mobilised action ...by making collective choices based on stories, information, data for collective progress and transformation, and; defines and presents ‘new citizenry’ engagement.

to inspire & mobilise in the public domain ...by creating compelling 'public pitches' to trigger wider commitment to the issue/enterprise.

facilitate education communities to work to integrate empathy as a skill through problem solving in daily practice.​​..and create new insight.

Our focus:​

liberal spaces for applied learning that create enterprises of collective action, applied learning, impact and empowerment in primary, secondary and higher education.

institutions imparting a professional education in areas related to development, management, design, law, communications, journalism for budding professionals to build robust professional practice.

create 'encounters'that ​connect, confront, chance upon new experiential learning and builds a calm & collected mind of conscious intention and attention in a secular culture.

experiential learningis brought about through current experience and ‘recycling’ previous experience.

Across the board this enables...

... a hands-on design thinking work process across & within teams, collectives & communities.

... to build the ‘skill of empathy’ to inquire, understand & relate to the lives of others to create transformation ...from deepened insight.

... empathy & insight as integral to individual & team practice - an active element of day-to-day thinking & action to develop & deepen the ability to generate knowledge, enable application, create impact.

...space crafted that is synchronised & 'anti-silo' to coherently bring together experiential learning through content & curation for applied learning, and an enhanced individual & collective experience.